AI objects coming to Battle of Normandy

IL-2 Battle of Normandy has been officially released for some time now but 1CGS are still developing a little extra for it with some additional vehicles, shown to us a long time ago, now being made ready for release.

FDT, Puma, and Greyhound

One of the great things about the IL-2 Sturmovik Great Battles Series is that they really do give us a complete battle with each title. There’s a map, airplanes, careers and supporting vehicles and objects to make the world seem a bit more believable. That’s what the subject of this week’s dev diary is all about.

Three things are in development and coming soon. The Sd. Kfz. 234/2 Puma is a light armored vehicle armed with a KwK-39 50mm cannon in a fully enclosed turret. Highly mobile and possessing modestly good firepower, 101 of these were built between September 1943 and September 1944.

We’ve also got the M8 Greyhound. Lighter, simpler to build, and not quite as well armed or armored, the Greyhound was still highly mobile and had a 37mm M6 in an open top turret. It had mobility issues and was better off operating from roads, however, 8,523 of these were produced (far outstripping the 478 of all Puma variants).

Finally, Fighter Direction Tenders were used during the D-Day invasion to vector aircraft to and from targets. They came equipped with radar, radios, and the ability to conduct electronic interception. These are the precursors to the modern day spy ship. Three of these, FDT-13, FDT-216, FDT-217, have been created by 1CGS as AI objects. Its unclear how they will factor into missions but I hope to see these in operation.

Check out the developer diary for the latest.


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  1. Owi says:

    As mutch as I like these additions I woud rather see infantry models for all countries and maybe horse drawn transports. I see this objects are often asked for and shoud be easier to model than a radar ship thats mostly relevant for that one day in june 44?


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