Carenado updates on Archer II and rest of line-up

A couple of new updates out from Carenado on their social media with a focus on development on the Archer II as well as some interesting information regarding updating their entire fleet of aircraft for Sim Update 11. Let’s have a look!

Fleet updates

Carenado have been criticized in the past for releasing aircraft and then not updating them. They have, however, attempted to reverse some of that reputation and we’ve seen some updates to maintain the functionality of their previously released types.

A recent update posted to their Facebook page indicates that the team have been mostly silent as they have been busy working on some fixes to problems introduced in Sim Update 11. Most of these issues appear to be related to the avionics. In particular, they list the GTN750 nxi, GNS 530/430, and the PC-12 in general.

But they also go on to say that there are updates coming to their entire fleet. Here’s what they had to say:

We are updating too our entire fleet, solving old sounds bugs and avionics errors and also updating models to new standards, we are sorry for all the problems that may have been generated, this will delay the launch of our Archer a bit, which we hope will be with you the first days of January….thank you for all your support.

I must say that that’s encouraging as Carenado maintain a significant number of aircraft for MSFS at this point and seeing fleet wide updates remains encouraging and adds value to older releases.

I do want to report as well that recent updates on the PC-12 appear to have solved at least some of the problems with that aircraft. AvAngel, who tirelessly reviews aircraft as they come out, noted the particularly poor frame rates with the PC-12 at launch and has just revisited the type citing much improved performance and the resolution of some previously noted bugs. Have a watch and throw a like over on the video!

Carenado will soon have some competition in the space as Sim Works Studios are deep into development of their own version of that aircraft and will reportedly have more to say about it very soon. Either way, it’s good to see both fleet wide updates and some key updates to significant problems. Kudos!

Archer II progress

Light on details, Carenado has nonetheless dropped a huge selection of screenshots of their only just recently announced PA-28 Archer II. This older version of the popular Piper aircraft is, according to Carenado, one of the more requested variations that fans want to see. The latest image show a mix of interior and exterior shots with the aircraft appearing to be in a nearly finished state despite any delays mentioned to resolve issues with the rest of the fleet.

Look for this early in the new year! Meanwhile, visit the Carenado Facebook page for a dozen or more images!


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