Carenado quietly updates Mooney M20R and PC-12

Posted to their Facebook page yesterday, Carenado hasn’t made a big deal about it but it’s still great to see ongoing support for both their newest aircraft release as well as one of their oldest. Both the PC-12 and the Mooney M20R have seen some updates. Let’s have a quick look!

Updates to two airplanes

Last year I did a very fun cross country journey in the Mooney M20R from Carenado flying it from Sydney Australia up to the Gold Coast. It took a couple of hops and it helped cement the M20R as one of my favourite GA airplanes to fly. Carenado are good at making beautiful airplanes and with MSFS they have been not too bad at making them fly reasonably well…. but the M20R did have its share of issues and as one of the oldest add-ons in the sim it was time for some quick renovations.

The latest update brings it to version 1.6 and the list of items updated includes revised flight dynamics to match performance in the pilot operating handbook, dynamic movement to the static wicks on the wings, compatibility with the GTNxi project, remodeled animations, updated lighting and more.

You can see the static wicks vibrating dynamically in the turbulence in this video I posted to Twitter.

Here’s the complete list of updates as listed by the Carenado website:

  • Improved flight dynamics to meet again the performance described in POH.
  • Added dynamic movement to static wicks.
  • Incorporated engine startup smoke and engine heat effects.
  • Included compatibility to couple with GTNxi.
  • Remodeled animations on all empenage elements.
  • Reduced the volume of the fuel pump sound.
  • Redone all navigation lights effects.
  • Fixed VR commands.
  • Fixed Fuel flow gauge not indicating remaining fuel.
  • Fixed autopilot logic to work with WT’s GNS, as well as TDS’s GTNxi.
  • Improved interior details.
  • Overall fixes to update M20R to current MSFS standard and user requirements.
  • Other minor bug fixes.

All of this attention means that I’m going to have to do another cross country cruise with the M20R soon. Stay tuned for that!

Meanwhile there are also some key updates to the Carenado PC-12. This Carenado airplane has had a bit of a sullied reputation thanks to some serious performance issues for most people. The problems appear to be mostly avionics related and the Avidyne avionics panel appears to be one of the culprits. Carenado report that they have improved performance to avoid FPS loss. Other users are reporting that shutting down certain other systems (notably the weather display) also improves performance. I don’t have the PC-12 so I haven’t been able to test for myself.

Here’s the list of updates in version 1.2 of the PC-12 listed on their website:

  • Avidyne improved to avoid FPS progressive loss.
  • Fixed Working Title compatibility issue that causes AP to fail.
  • Fixed EIS backlighting when ready for takeoff.
  • ATC type fixed.
  • GTN650 implemented.
  • EIS white bars visibility fixed on Windows 11.
  • Minor bugs fixed.

Regardless of any issues, continual updates on both old and new products alike are a boon to a developers reputation. Carenado has taken hits to their reputation for dropping products in the past but that appears to be something that is staying in the past as they continue to keep their MSFS catalogue up to date by adding new features and fixes alike.


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