1CGS upgrading single player campaigns, announce new ones for IL-2

Over the years, 1CGS have put out a number of scripted campaigns both freely available with certain products and sold separately on their webstore and on Steam. In the most recent Developer Diary, they are reporting that they are going back and providing updates to many of these to take advantage of new features and performance improvements. Let’s have a look!

Existing campaign upgrades

Ten Days of Autumn, Blazing Steppe, and Steel Birds are three of the campaigns mentioned that are in the process of being upgraded with the new features. Ten Days of Autumn, the series’ first Scripted Campaign to appear in the store, is being reworked with modern features. Aircraft and ground vehicles are increasing by 30% and the aircraft will have tactical numbers.

Similar upgrades are planned for Blazing Steppe which will see a 15-20% increase in aircraft numbers and the same tactical code updates. The IAR80/81 gets a mention here too with plans to work it into the campaign as AI aircraft when it becomes available. Steel Birds, already bursting from the seams with aircraft, won’t get any increases there but it will get tactical codes too.

Wind of Fury, His Majesty’s Griffons, Sea Dragons, Breakpoint and and Last Chance, are also all being upgraded in different ways. Every one will see tactical codes added to aircraft and tanks. Additional types and numbers of aircraft or ground units will also be added to the mix.

Coming soon

Wings Over Caen, the upcoming Typhoon campaign for Battle of Normandy, is reportedly planned for release in the next update and will feature tactical codes right from the start.

One additional campaign is planned with it being dedicated to the 43rd IAP (fighter air regiment) flying the Yak-7B Series 36 is planned for later this year and set during the spring of 1943 in the skies above the Kuban theatre. Other campaigns are apparently being considered including a Bf109F-4 or La-5 for Battle of Stalingrad, Bf109G-4 for Battle of Kuban, and/or Mustang Mark III for Normandy. One or more will be selected as the Yak-7B campaign is finished.

Additional collector plane

There was also briefly mention of both the IAR80/81, which I noted before, and another Collector Plane that has not yet been announced. Many of us assumed that to be the low-back La-5F which we saw in concept art form previously, however, this post by BlackSix confirms that it is not what is being referenced and that it is another plane.

Speculation has then gone far and wide but as of yet we don’t know what they are planning to do with this additional Collector Plane. The previously announced Bf109G-6A/S is a variant so its possible that we’ll see a variant of another series but nothing to go on there.

See the full news here.


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  1. reinhard says:

    Back in late October/November there was a plan to interview the Cliffs of Dover Dev(s).
    Did that ever happen? Or did i miss the article?


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      I remember some discussions but we never ended up doing it. I think they are running a bit quiet at the moment.


  2. Blue 5 says:

    Well, I suppose some news is better than no news.

    It seems lost on the new management, but about 80-90% of the responses have been generally positive and enthusiastic. I suspect that the update has also led to a few sales.

    Why they seemed determine to say as little as possible remains a mystery. Transparency is arguably a professional curtesy, it likely keeps existing customers engaged and spending, and is probable to widen the knowledge and appeal of the sim, growing growing the subscriber numbers. It is win-win.

    Yet apparently not for current the GB folks.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. busdriver says:

      “Why they seemed determine to say as little as possible remains a mystery.”

      I don’t think it’s a mystery, they’ve got nothing new to offer. 1) They can’t fix the gross AI buffoonery and scripted attack parameters that have been problematic for a long time.
      2) In light of their country’s current genocidal campaign against their neighbor, they probably recognize many folks in the West are not eager to spend money on an Eastern Front product. Producing a Western Front title just might bring unwanted attention from hardline Russians (sim enthusiasts and real-world hacks).

      I’m not accusing them of being pro-Putin (pro-genocide) but they might be. It’s not illogical to think that considering most Russians support Putin. Since they are Russians that did not flee, they certainly can’t come across as anti-Putin without risking arrest. It sucks to be them if they’re good guys.

      If they fold up shop, I’m okay with that.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Blue 5 says:

        Well, not wanting to disturb the refreshingly cheerful nature of this site, maybe being a little open and pleasant would offset the wider world tragedy. To survive, they need sales in the West. Given this, is a Korea theatre good or bad? Hmmm…..you could argue both ways.

        If they want to sell the G-14AS, S.IV and IAR-80 then there is a minimum engagement level. I have mostly given up on GB for a host of reasons, but whatever their political affiliations, they might want to consider the whole ‘money’ aspect.

        Over to Jason…


  3. Simfan says:

    “Why they seemed determine to say as little as possible remains a mystery. ” Going by the flack they receive when announcing whatever, my best guess is they intend to do almost the same as the CloD / Buzzsaw mode of operations being : keep their mouths shut. What would ever really please the GB-sim-community other than say … PTO + Unreal Engine 5.1 upgrade … for free of course !? 🙂


    1. Blue 5 says:

      As I remarked, most comments on their recent update have been positive. That should be a measure of the best approach. Saying nothing costs the company goodwill and income.

      There also seems to be several sides, with people like B6 trying to be cheerful and engaged. The head staff, less so. The moderators….utter waste of space.


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