Carenado update several MSFS aircraft to version 2.0

Five aircraft in Carenado’s hangar of aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator have received version 2.0 updates adding features, fixing bugs, and keeping the aircraft up to date with the latest features and expectations. Let’s have a look!

Aircraft updated, features added

Carenado used to have a reputation of not updating their aircraft, however, they have worked hard with Microsoft Flight Simulator to try and shed that reputation. So it’s always good when you see them announce that several of their products have seen some updates. Today, its five of their releases that have been updated with some new features and with some big fixes.

And the aircraft? These five are all up to version 2.0:

  • PC12
  • C170B

As for what they have updated, it’s different for each airplane. The C337 for example gets updated visual effects, compatibility with WT’s GNS, PMS’s GTN 750 and TDS’s GTN 750Xi, redesigned fuel and electrical systems, EGT gauge reading improvements, improved flight dynamics, improved animations, and they have finally replaced those old Carenado pilots in favour of the selectable Asobo pilots. Great!

Carenado’s PC-12 has been the one that perhaps needed the most number of fixes and updates. They haven’t published the change log on their website yet but Carenado did say that across the board that they have made improvements to effects, performance, and flight dynamics. Hopefully this 2.0 update solves whatever was left that was causing trouble with the PC-12.

The Cessna 170, one of my favs in their line-up, has also seen some updates to version 2.0 although its change log is much shorter. New liveries, new Asobo pilots, improved engine start-up and heat effects.

Check out the announcement here on their Facebook page and visit the Carenado website for more details on their products.


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  1. Mike says:

    but i wannnna high def V-35B…..


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