IL2 Mission Planner

A website called has recently been updated with the Moscow and Velikie Luki maps. The creator, posting on the official forums as curiousGamblerr, rushed the latest update out for people flying campaigns on this map.

Hey guys-

Last week I posted in the 3rd party apps subforum about a new mission planning tool I’d created. You can find it at

Today, I’m happy to announce it now supports the new Battle of Moscow map!

I figured you guys would want it, so I rushed it out for you guys and the map selection functionality isn’t perfect. But it works! I’ll have it polished and Velikie Luki supported in the next couple days.

Let me know what you think! (And if I broke anything since I rushed a bit)

Source: IL-2 Forums

This website is particularly useful if you have a tablet or laptop sitting next to your primary gaming PC (or a secondary screen you’re not using) where you can then plan and keep track of your mission.

For Normal players this is less of an issue. On Expert mode, without some of the navigational aids, this could be a real boon to players. Especially if you want that realistic navigational feel. It’s almost as good as a pad and some paper.

Check it out!


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