New dev diary details Moscow improvements

Release for IL-2: Battle of Moscow is inching closer. Dev Diary Update 124 details some small but important changes coming to the release of the Battle of Moscow map and campaign.

The Moscow Map Gets Evergreens

The map is getting some improvements in the form of revised forests featuring new evergreen trees. This was something mentioned in a previous note but its nice to see the changes implemented so quickly. Something like types of trees aren’t vital to a successful flight simulator but it is the kind of authenticity that provides for a more realistic experience.

The Moscow map differing so dramatically from the Stalingrad one I think is an important one. Namely that the devs didn’t phone it in with the same look. That the types of forests correspond with their real life counterparts is even more impressive to me. Details matter in something like a simulation and its nice to see that taken to the extreme.

Campaign Changes

From the update it sounds as if the cinematics for the campaign are one of the few remaining pieces to insert into the IL-2: Battle of Moscow product before its finished. However, the devs seem to be busy making some changes with improved missions (I was already impressed) and the story missions teased in a previous developer update.

…we use the time it takes to finish the campaign cutscenes to improve the campaign missions. Additional story scenarios for the campaign are ready, as well as tactical overlays that show the current situation at operational level.

And then Han leaves us with one more thing…

Third, we’re making some changes and additions to the campaign. We’ll describe them in detail later, but here is a teaser:


I’m pretty curious to see what they are doing here. Some sort of rank progression outside of the leveling process? Is it too much to hope for a more detailed pilot progression? I guess we’ll see what this means.

If you haven’t already… Check out Dev Diary 128!


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