My first flight with Rise of Flight

My story with Rise of Flight has been one of trepidation and some apprehension as I never knew if I’d be able to get into the series WWI theater and the much slower and less capable bi-plane and tri-plane fighters and bombers. I’ve always been fascinated by the aircraft but not as interested in flying them in simulation.

But today… I downloaded the 8GB Rise of Flight installer and tried out the free to play options available.

It’s free… to get you started

When Rise of Flight game out, I took note of the series for its excellent game engine technology and improved graphics over IL-2: Forgotten Battles. But it was hard to pry me away from IL-2 as I had really grown accustomed to it. Jumping into a new sim means learning new controls and new ways of doing things.

Fast forward several years later and Rise of Flight and IL-2: Battle of Stalingrad share a base technology and game engine and although there are definitely some key differences between the types, now things feel much more familiar.

Getting into Rise of Flight is also pretty easy. Aside from a 8GB download you don’t have to pay a dime to get started. Better, 1CGS saw fit to give you some pretty decent aircraft to fly as part of the free to play option.

These aircraft are:

  • Albatross D.Va
  • SPAD 13.C1

There is also the Nieuport 17.C1 RUS (built and flown in Russia) but I think that is only “free” if you buy the ILya Muromets package (which also comes with the Eastern Front map).

So far I’ve scored some kills with the SPAD 13.C1 in a quick battle against some Fokker DR.I tri-planes. It was a lot of fun and I look forward to trying to master this free fighter. I’ll also have to give the Albatross a closer look too.

First kill on the Western Front! Moments later this Fokker DR.I crashed into the countryside.

What if you want more?

If the two free fighters aren’t enough then there are 35 aircraft available for purchase in the Rise of Flight Store. Buying in bulk nets you a discount with a greater bulk discount the more you buy.

I’m just learning the details of these WWI era aircraft (of which I know very little about compared to WWII) so I’m just getting started. I may splurge at some point and buy some aircraft… I’m itching to try the Sopwith Camel and the S.E.5a.


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