War Thunder 1.59 ‘Flaming Arrows’ update out

If you’re a War Thunder player then you are probably getting set up on version 1.59 or the ‘Flaming Arrows’ update which includes a bunch of new stuff into the game.

Seeing as this is a flight related blog, I’m going to focus on the aircraft only.

What’s new?

  • Wyvern S.4 – Britan’s first turboprop combat aircraft. Note: Premium only.
  • He219A-7 – The Luftwaffe’s best night-fighter.
  • N1K1-Ja – The early version of the Japanese Naval fighter which also comes with a visual update on the N1K2J.
  • Ki-61-II – Using the Ha-140 engine with more power (but also more weight), this new version of the Ki-61 is remarkably similar to the Ki-61-I-Tei in performance.
  • Yak-30D – I know almost nothing of this aircraft except that it is the Yakolev design bureau’s answer to the MiG-15/17 series jet fighters.
  • Tu-4 – A Soviet copy of the B-29, armed with NS-23mm cannons. A visual update of the B-29 also comes with this patch.
  • Halifax Mk. III – Adding a much needed heavy bomber to the British aircraft lineup. This infamous bomber is slow but powerful.
  • Hs123 – A bi-plane close support aircraft.
  • He162A-1 – An early German jet fighter.

There’s also a new hangar, a couple of new maps, and dozens of smaller changes. A visual update for the Spitfire IX was supposed to arrive but it looks like it’s been moved to a future patch because of some serious inaccuracies. Check out the update here and the full change log here.


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