New Battlefield 1 Air Gameplay

This week is a busy one for the gaming world at large with E3 and EA Play both taking place this week. At EA Play we got to see copious amounts of Battlefield 1 footage from a 64 player match being played by real players.

The one that stands out to me, naturally, is the one with the air combat footage. That comes to YouTube and all of us courtesy of ponylionHD (I don’t make these things up).

Check out the footage!

Battlefield 1 stands out graphically but I think they also have nailed a pretty solid look and feel that gives the game that “authentic” feeling but with the quick and fun arcade experience. It’s a good balance.

I spotted the Fokker Dr. I and a Halberstadt CL.II in this footage. I’ve also seen some gameplay video where we saw the Gotha G.V flying around. Previously we’ve also seen the Sopwith Camel and a Nieuport 17 was also seen in some concept art.

While there is no mistaking this for a flight simulator title – I’ll fly anything and this looks great (I’m also a huge fan of the Battlefield series in general).


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