Airco D.H.2 multiplayer madness

Rise of Flight forum user HotleadColdfeet posted a thread recently talking about some of his fun flying as a team in online servers with the Airco DH.2.

The DH.2 is largely regarded as one of the lowest performing aircraft in Rise of Flight. The RFC fighter has a low horsepower pusher propeller and a single machine gun. The odds of winning any fight against the more typically high performing World War I era bi-planes and tri-planes is very low and yet this video shows just how much fun you can have with a team of players.

In the IL-2: Forgotten Battles days, we called this part of the “Crap Plane” movement. The idea is to take the worst aircraft you can find and focus on surviving and occasionally winning a battle against players in superior aircraft. Its a different kind of fun focused on survival and accepting that the plane you have won’t help you very much – so any victory is by the skin of your teeth.

Try it sometime!

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