Update 2.002 introduces ranks, VR

After a period of silence from the devs, we now have IL-2 Update 2.002 available. Just like that!

Some key features

As always, 1CGS has dropped a ton of fixes, updates and additions in this moderately substantial update. I want to focus on just a few of the key updates:

  • Player ranks added to campaigns. You’ll have a separate rank for each side in each campaign you have. Mission difficulty depends on this rank.
  • Basic support for Steam VR added (HTC Vive). To try it, install Steam VR to install Vive drivers, but close it before running the game, since it accesses the Vive directly. Edit the line or_enable in data\startup.cfg so it reads or_enable = 1 and run the game. If you feel that interface is too close you may also set parameter or_fov_gui = 0.5
  • Multiplayer servers running a map inavailable (sic) to you will be greyed out in the server list
  • Ground attack missions on Pe-2 start below clouds during overcast weather in campaign mode

The biggest update for some is the addition of Steam VR via HTC Vive bringing the first virtual reality experience to the series and among the first flight simulators to use this kind of technology.

A gameplay update is the addition of ranks into the campaign system. This decouples the player level from determining the difficulty levels of the opposition you’ll face and instead puts you up against challenges befitting your rank. As rank appears to be determined per side (or per campaign – I am not quite clear) you’ll slowly progress while flying for Allies and Axis independent of the other.

For the full list of changes and updates, check out the update on the IL-2 forums.


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