More third party IL-2 maps in development

Not long after IL-2: Battle of Stalingrad was released, map creator Zeus was able to release Velikie Luki – a third party map released officially in a IL-2: BoS patch.

Since then we have enjoyed his map both online and off.

A recent posting on the IL-2 forum reveals that more maps from other third party creators are in the works.

new map images02

We also have this statement from Zeus, who went on to join the 1CGS team, about what the screen shots are about. Or more specifically, what they are not about.

Easy, comrades. :)

This is not an official project of the company. This is one of the comunity projects (like VL-map). And it is not a Murmansk-map.

Perhaps, when the most of the preparatory work is completed, the creators of this map will make same kind of presentation of it.

I’ve been involved in this work more as a assistant.

Speculation remains rife on what battle or geographic area these represent and what they might or might not mean about future plans for IL-2.

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