A video overview of BF1’s aerial combat

If you’re a fan of the Battlefield series and you’ve watched any Battlefield videos on YouTube, you’ve likely come across at least one of LevelCap’s videos.

Today he published a new video detailing the air combat in the new game (from the closed Alpha) along with some great video footage of just what it all looks like. It looks like a lot of fun but LevelCap does wonder how much of an impact the aircraft are having on the ground battle and if that is a problem or not.

At the current point in time there are three types of aircraft and three aircraft to represent those types.

The Scout/Fighter is represented by the Fokker Dr. I. The Attack plane is represented by the Halberstadt CL.II and the Bomber is represented by the Gotha G.V. From the early trailers released we know there are more types becoming available later on. The Sopwith Camel has been spotted and I think I spotted a Bristol F2B. I’m going to assume that we’ll also be seeing the Handley Page 0-400. Will we have more types beyond that? It’s still too early to tell.

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