DCS adds new content, map updates

I don’t post as much about DCS because I’m not as into that sim right now as I am into the historically based World War I and World War II based sims. But for the flight sim purist out there and those interested in modern aircraft and air combat – DCS is the best, bar none.

A recent update last week revealed that the development team is working hard on a major update to the DCS Caucasus map. This is a huge update.

If you know the release structure for DCS these days, you’ll know that it starts with a free Su-25T Frogfoot attack aircraft (a spiritual successor to the IL-2 by the way) and the base DCS module which includes the Caucasus map. From there you can buy more maps (like the Nevada map) and a ton of aircraft from the original developers and from high quality releases by third party development groups.

With the release of the Nevada map, the old Caucasus map which largely dates back to the Lock On: Modern Air Combat days (with some improvements), was starting to show its age. Upgrading the map that most people will first get their DCS experience with to close to the level of the Nevada map is a huge improvement and a great way to show people what DCS is all about.

Find out more about the updated map in this recent update.


More content coming and already released from the developers and from third party groups include the recently released F-5: Tiger II, Mirage F2000, MiG-21, Mirage F-1, updated 3D models for the cockpit and external of the MiG-29 and so so much more.

A slow trickle of updates has also been coming for a highly detailed study in the F/A-18C which includes some incredibly detailed ground mapping radar modeling which is all new to the simulator and opens the door for many other new types. Development has been slow so expect the updates for this to be quite a ways down the line.


Check out the early access of the F-5E Tiger II By Belsimtek as just one example of some great new content coming to DCS.



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