Level bombing success

I’m a competent fighter pilot and a dedicated mud mover – I’ll fly attack planes and fighter-bombers at low altitude (in “the weeds” so to speak) all day long. But level bombing is something I always admired others doing and something I only achieved limited success in previous IL-2 games.

It’s taken me over two years (and very few tries) but I’ve achieved my first real successful level bomb sortie and I needed to write something about it.

My flight of Pe-2s proceeds away from the target having just struck an enemy airbase

I’ve missed the target, been blown off course, incorrectly calculated (or understood) the wind drift and generally flubbed most of my bomb runs. Today I managed to get it right. It’s thanks to dhillr’s level bomb tutorial. He made it for the Ju88A-4 but you can do it in the Pe-2 just fine as well.

My own suggestions are to:

  1. Study the map first and understand what and where your target is (and make a mental note of any nearby landmarks)
  2. Spend the time required to plug in all of the variables, get that wind drift calculation done right
  3. Use the view mode to spot your target, switch to targeting mode once you’re ready to actually drop the bombs
  4. Double check everything – heading, speed, altitude and get those bomb bay doors open (if you’re carrying bombs internally)
  5. Order your flight to do as you do, that way they will drop when you drop

Also… cross your fingers. I still have a long way to go!


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