IL-2 gets a mention in a Kotaku highlight reel

Flight sims tend to get ignored by the mainstream gaming press. It’s been a long time since PC Gamer, Kotaku or any press of any kind mentioned a combat simulator of any kind. DCS, IL-2, Falcon, they all get written off as esoteric and too niche for them to cover.

Today, we got a little glimmer of something interesting as IL-2 made its way into the Kotaku Highlight Reel – a weekly collection of YouTube clips from around the gaming world.

If you want to skip from the highlight reel on Kotaku straight to the actual clip then you can do that too.

Dr. Zeeebra’s YouTube channel has a small collection of videos featuring some of his well aimed bomb delivery skills and the devastating results that come in the aftermath.

It’s certainly nice to see some IL-2 flight simulator activity show up on Kotaku. Hopefully it won’t be the last time.


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