Battle of Kuban pre-order opens today

Have you been waiting like I have for the Battle of Kuban pre-order to go up on the official store? Well…today is the day!

Battle of Kuban Premium Edition pre-order is now on the store for $69.99 USD (or $92 Canadian… ouch) with a $10 early pre-order discount. This is fairly standard pricing for the series and actually represents the cheapest outing of the series so far.

The pre-order gets you a couple of things. The big one is that we’ll once again be getting early access to BoK content as it becomes part of the game. We saw this as part of the Battle of Moscow release. We were flying the I-16 not too long after the initial pre-order was offered and content released at a near monthly rate after that.

Regular members of the IL-2 forum will also get this special pin on their profile to match the ones that previously came with Battle of Stalingrad and Battle of Kuban.


The pre-order site also tells us that the first aircraft from the early access period will be arriving this December!

Aircraft details

Jason Williams also took to the forums to answer which aircraft would be first available as part of the early access content.

The G-4 will be first.

That answers the question. The Bf109G-4 will be the first aircraft of the pack. It makes sense to start with the G-4 as it is nearly the same aircraft as the Bf109G-2 with some minor changes to the exterior and (hopefully) a performance boost.

The pre-order special also gives us our first look at the side profiles of the aircraft releasing in this new expansion to the IL-2 series.

We already knew which aircraft were coming but some details were left somewhat vague and at least a few of those questions have now been answered.


The Yak-7B could have come in a very late Yak-7B configuration that more resembled the Yak-9 with a bubble canopy. Instead we have a slightly earlier model with the high back and that means a couple of things. First, it means that this aircraft will have slightly more firepower with twin 12.7mm Berezin UBS machine guns firing through the propeller and a single 20mm ShVAK cannon in the nose. The Yak-9 and very late Yak-7B had only a single 12.7mm to cut down on weight. Second, this means that the Yak-7B we’re getting will be useful not only in Battle of Kuban but also in the Battle of Stalingrad.


The A-20B also reveals a little about its available configuration. The A-20B operated by the VVS in the Kuban battle came fitted standard with chin mounted machine guns (those are confirmed in this image) and a .30cal gunner mount at the back. Some were also fitted with a Russian 12.7mm UBK turret. It is unclear if that will be an available modification.


Finally we get our first look at the He111H-16  and it looks remarkably similar to the H-6 model. That part isn’t a surprise. What we didn’t know was if the default turret armament would be the R1 with the all-glazed DL 131/1C turret. That may yet be an option.

No doubt… more details are to come!


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