Learning a little about IL-2s new campaign

Part of the IL-2 Battle of Kuban announcement was a piece tucked away about a new campaign system based on the one used in Rise of Flight.

The new campaign system would replace the current one with something more substantial and it would do it retroactively across three products. Its an ambitious arrangement releasing not just something for Battle of Kuban players but also everyone who bought Battle of Stalingrad or Battle of Moscow. Players with all three will of course get the most out of this.

So what does the new campaign system entail? Today we learned a little about how it is the same and how it differs from Rise of Flight.

First, what does the Rise of Flight campaign system look like?

Create a pilot (with backstory) to fly in the campaign
Then pick your pilots base, squadron and theater of operations.

In Rise of Flight you create fictional pilot. You then choose a pilots squadron and base of operations and your pilot goes from there. If you die, then your pilot dies. If your squadron mates die, then they are listed as KIA in the roster and you’ll never see them again. It generates a kind of shared history and connection with otherwise faceless AI controlled planes and its a neat experience.

With what Rise of Flight has as a base, Han describes some of the differences that the new IL-2 system will have:

The main difference is that the new Career will be divided into phases according to new theaters of war and each phase will contain several chapters highlighting most important events like in current campaigns. Players will be able to select a phase and a chapter where they would like to start a career. After completing a phase, the career can be continued in another theater of war that is set later historically with the same personage. Each player can have several personages for different sides and different phases.

Han also details some of the squadron mechanics that are similar to Rise of Flight. Tracking your friendly pilots as part of your squadron roster will be all a part of the experience.

There are also some “blue sky” possibilities that Han describes:

We can’t be 100% sure we’ll have the time to implement this, but we want to allow player to begin a career as wingman and become a wing leader and eventually a squadron commander. Squadron commander can plan new missions, correcting a flight path and assigning aircraft and pilots to carry it out.

Some interesting features including having an influence on your own missions. Potentially a situation where, as you rise through the ranks, you’ll get the ability to modify more of your mission. Exciting stuff that is possible (but not confirmed).

These are features that will go a long way towards addressing a major issue with the IL-2 series from 1CGS. A weak campaign replaced by a more sophisticated career system will be wonderful.

There are a few other updates so definitely read the whole Dev Diary update!

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