Yak-1B, Ju 52 closer to completion

IL-2 Developer Diary updates have returned with greater frequency and this week Han was able to update us on the progress being made on the Yak-1B and the Ju-52.

As we already know, the Yak-1B is a Series 127 aircraft and that comes with certain refinements to the Yak-1 design. Han fills us in by saying,

There are several subtle differences that influence its physics model – a different propeller, automatic tail wheel lock similar to the MiG-3, simplified trimmers (just bendable fins instead of separate trimmer surfaces), improved seals for openings, additional engine exhaust covers, a different engine intake, and, of course, a lowered fuselage spine with a teardrop canopy.

In many ways, the Yak-1B represents a different aircraft from the Yak-1 albeit with a familiar overall shape and design. In addition to the changes to the aircraft and various refinements, there is also a different cockpit.

A view inside the Yak-1b Series 127 cockpit.

Compare the new cockpit with its revised forward window (and armored glass) with the Yak-1 we’re used to flying right now.

A Yak-1 Series 69 cockpit.

The full lighting package isn’t enabled in this work in progress shot so we’re still seeing this very much from a developers point of view. Once its integrated in-engine any rough spots will likely look much smoother.

What we can’t see in these images or the additional ones available on the Dev Diary update is the rear view which will be significantly improved.

The Yak-1B bubble canopy offers far superior vision compared to the earlier model.

We also got a good look at a much more complete Ju 52/3m cockpit and it makes me more excited about this aircraft than I was previously.

Behold! The Ju 52/3m cockpit.

I was surprised by the tan interior which is different from most German aircraft with their typically grey and black schemes. The detailing here is at an excellent level and I have to admire the analogue simplicity of duplicate dials for all three motors.

Flying the Ju52 will offer a different experience from any in-game while the Yak-1B will offer an excellent fighter option for the Russian team and a solid opponent for the Germans.

Find out more by reading the full Developer Diary right now!



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