War Thunder Update 1.63 Goes Live

War Thunder Update 1.63 “Desert Hunters” has gone live and with this patch comes a large selection of new content including new tanks, aircraft and maps.

War Thunder brings a lot to the table for the WWII war gamer. Lacking the simulation depth of the IL-2 series, Rise of Flight, DCS  or Falcon, War Thunder sits comfortably in a middle ground space where the subject matter is authentic but the gameplay experience is a bit more “arcade.”

New Locations

With the hundreds of aircraft and tanks available, any new types tend to get lost in the wealth of content available in the series. New locations are a little more of a novelty and the addition of Greece to the air arcade series and Sinai to the tank mode are both welcome.

New Aircraft

While the War Thunder development team seems to be a little more focused on armor vehicles these days, they do still add a fairly significant amount of new aircraft content. The list of available aircraft in War Thunder is truly extraordinary with fully formed lists of American, Germany, British, and Japanese aircraft covering essentially all of World War II.

The dev blog administrators have a pretty good sense of humour about it too.

Scarper: our continuing efforts to provide a Jane’s encyclopedic reference work in wt will continue unabated.

Though the aircraft sometimes lack the fine details that the IL-2 series does the aircraft are generally authentic from a visual standpoint and they have made a point of updating older aircraft models. The Spitfire LF.IX gets an update this time around (following on from the F.IX from a previous patch). We also see the giant BV-238, F9F Cougar, and interestingly a Su-6 which was a competitor project with the IL-8 and IL-10 (the IL-10 ultimately won the contest).

The immense BV 238!

Lets have a look at the full list here:

Great Britain

  • Brigand B.1
  • Hudson Mk.V (premium)
  • Spitfire LF. Mk.IX (model has been updated)


  • P1Y1 mod. 11
  • Ki-87 (premium pack)
  • J1N1


  • Su-6


  • BV-238 V1 (premium)


  • F9F-8

Want the full list of updates? Best to check their update log (it goes on for a while) right here.


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