1CGS needs your help

One of the major features announced with IL-2: Battle of Kuban was a revamping of the IL-2 career system. The new career system is intended to be similar in depth to the one that shipped with Rise of Flight. Individually identified squadrons, pilots, biographies, kill boards and more are likely to be made part of the system.


Here’s what Jason Williams had to say yesterday in a forum post.

This is an official “HEADS UP”. We are soon going to start gathering content for the Career and we will need your help. What I mean is that we will need help with certain bits of content that we can place inside the framework of the Career to make it work. If you are familiar with the ROF Career it will be the same type of stuff. And by Content I mean the following.

1. 20 pilot avatars each for Soviet Union and Germany. (No other nation yet)

2. 10 generic Pilot Biographies each for Soviet and German pilots. (No other nation yet)

3. Suggest Soviet and German Squadrons we should add for the included plane-set and TOW time periods. (We need suggestions, but the final decision will be ours.)

4a. Short Squadron History for each included squadron.

4b. Emblem or Banner for each included squadron, so if you have artwork you created and would like to share with us or have references for community artists let’s gather them up. (Preferably historical, but if no historical banner we need to make fictitious one to be consistent and atmosphere.)

5. News Articles of Period. We will need many as we plan to do them once a week in the Career. (We will provide a list of the dates needed.)

6. Names of top Soviet and German Aces and their kill tallies during our TOW periods at 5 day intervals. (We will provide the date ranges.)

7. We need a list of appropriate Soviet and German ranks and if possible a SIMPLE rational for when pilots were promoted to help guide us. (We know that the Soviet ranks were changed in 1943.) (We already have some ranks, but we want more.)

8. We need a list of appropriate German and Soviet awards and if possible a SIMPLE rational for when they were awarded to help guide us.

All of that that requires a lot of ground work and with a small team it can be challenging to get the details ready. Engaging the community is a pretty good idea and our collective combined efforts with thousands upon thousands of books, documentation, website resources and historical documents can probably make up the leg work.

As the Battle of Moscow, Battle of Stalingrad and Battle of Kuban campaigns are all going to be rolled into this, any squadron, emblem, banner, or other minutia  will be fair game during those time periods.

There’s more, so check out the forum and get your historical resources ready – if that’s your thing.

UPDATE (Oct 5, 2016 at 9:07pm): A forum area for filling out campaign details is now available and community members are already busy posting.



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