IL-2 Update Brings Enhancements

Good news! Update 2.004 is now out and it brings with it a host of updates and enhancements to the game. The next time you fire up your IL-2 launcher the patch should begin to download.

The patch is what you might consider the first on the road towards Battle of Kuban. Though no major features or content are being added there are some big updates under the hood that will matter to us now and down the road.

Here are some highlights:

  • Improvements to ground handling systems have lead to a dual outcome: Less jumpy and more realistic ground handling and landing behavior AND improved AI handling on the ground meaning that double the number of AI aircraft can now be on the ground at once.
  • AI improvements should prevent FW190 and P-40s flown by the AI from crashing into the ground. The AI has also been enhanced to consume fewer resources (20% fewer according to the update notes).
  • Improvements to resources used by ships reduced by 5 times. This will be essential in allowing for medium sizes convoy attacks in Battle of Kuban.
  • Spotter abilities can now be assigned to aircraft and ground objects allowing for aircraft to function in the reconnaissance role. These features will be the first in a bunch that will help build the new Marshal role in multiplayer.

These are just a few of the incoming updates so definitely check out the game update 2.004 post for the full list.

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