..and a new Developer Diary too!

Yesterday saw the release of Patch 2.004 and today Han updated us with news on the Ju52, Yak-1B, aerobatics contests and other interesting stories.

Some of the key stuff in the update included some welcome news: the 3D model work on the Yak-1B and Ju52 are done. Work on the Yak-1B’s physics continues this week. Although the aircraft is similar in many ways to the Yak-1 Series 69, this Series 127 aircraft has many large and small changes so I’m sure the flight model work they are doing is intensive.

New models underway

We also had news that work on the Spitfire V and A-20B models is now underway. Interestingly, the Spitfire V model is a 95% new build and won’t be using the Mark I/II model that they have from Cliffs of Dover. Apparently the model isn’t quite as accurate as they would like to see so we’ll be seeing a ground up build for this aircraft.

People will interpret this Spitfire model rebuild different ways but I like to see the team in action ensuring that things are accurately done. In Patch 2.004 there were several 3D object updates to ensure accuracy and that’s something I like. Having the most accurate models around is certainly a key part of a flight simulator as detailed as this one is.

Engine updates and VR

When Oculus dropped support for DirectX9 applications although of people were disappointed, however, those days are soon going to be in the past as work on the DX11 render appear to be going well.

Han says,

Moreover, we will begin the tests of the DirectX 11 renderer as soon as this week. This will be an alpha test and if it goes well, we’ll add it to beta together with the new Yak. We’ll tell you about the new renderer and the possibilities it brings a bit later on. We would like to remind you that switching to DirectX 11 opens the way to full support of VR devices such as HTC VIVE, Oculus Rift and others that will be supported by Valve OpenVR API.

We’ve also heard in previous updates that the DX11 render speeds up frame rates and improves the performance of the game and it sounds like, if all goes well, that the new renderer may be in place around the same time as the Yak-1B/Ju52 content addition. Exciting stuff for all players.

There’s more so check out the update and see some cool new Ju52 collector plane skins, stories from a visit to a Russian airfield, and news on a aerobatics competition.

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