The Yak-1B, rudder roll and more!

This week’s Developer Diary dropped yesterday and with it we got an inside look at 1CGS Aviation Engineering section. The update by AnPetrovich had a pretty big focus on their aircraft physics and some of the work they are doing there. He also brought with him some great photos of the interior of the Yak-1B as well as the custom skins coming with the aircraft.


A pretty big update on aircraft physics sounds boring but AnPetrovich laid it all out in a really easy to understand, informative and interesting way.

Some key points from the update include progress that the team has made on aircraft roll while using the rudder – you’ll notice in IL-2’s physics model that a rudder input tends to roll aircraft in a fairly significant way. This always seemed a little overdone and apparently updates to how the fuselage modelling is done has a big impact here.

He also discussed the MiG-3 which has been under the microscope in the Russian speaking community for being difficult to land after the last patch. Updates to the landing gear physics have apparently made it difficult to land in a crosswind (I haven’t tried yet as I’m still virtually grounded).

Effort has also been made on reducing the AI’s hit on CPU resources. Apparently they have been able to include one and a half times as many AI in a mission as before. AnPetrovich reports that the team is not yet satisfied and will continue to seek out higher performance. Large numbers of AI bogging down the game has been an issue for me for a long time – a major system upgrade has partially resolved the problems I was having but it was no doubt that the AI were consuming too many CPU cycles and it was difficult to scale up the fighting into larger scale battles. Work on this will have a direct impact on gameplay and campaign missions that realistically should feature larger formations of single and twin engined aircraft.

Finally, the team is looking for information on German propellers.

Therefore, as a part of this task we have a counter-favor to ask our community to help us to find the original German (or any other) sources with the aerodynamic characteristics of DVL series propellers, or VDM propeller particularly. In our work we have been forced to use the DVL propeller data taken from Soviet sources as we did not find anything better. We fully admit that the recalculating of propeller characteristics using our current curves could give incorrect results.

Yak-1B and Bf109G-4 progress


Flight model work is now complete on the Yak-1B and has now started on the Bf109G-4. The 109G-4 will be the first of the Battle of Kuban aircraft to be released. It’s very likely that the Yak-1B, Ju52 and Bf109G-4 are all released in the same patch although with the Yak-1B now reaching an advanced state of completion, it may be arriving sooner than that.

EDIT: We now have confirmation from BlackSix (1CGS forum moderator) that the Yak-1B will arrive first. The other aircraft are coming in December.

We get a great in-engine look at both forward and rear views on the Yak-1B and while the front view is slightly degraded thanks to additional armor protection, the rear view is greatly improved compared to the Yak-1 Series 69.

We also great some information on performance in comparison to the Yak-1 Series 69.

All these changes reduced the aerodynamic drag of the aircraft and increased its top speed by 15-20 kmh. However, the climb rate and the turn time remained almost the same.

Excitement growing

As we head into the holiday season it’s pretty exciting to be getting what will amount to a reasonable amount of new content to work with. With the near certainty that by the end of 2016 we’ll be flying the Yak-1B series 127, Ju 52 3m and Bf109G-4 makes me pretty excited.

There are also the improvements to CPU usage and a new DX11 based renderer offering the potential for improved performance and more sophisticated levels of VR coming either by end of 2016 or sometime in 2017.

With new planes to fly and an improved game engine potentially offering higher frame rates and more aircraft in the battlespace at once – excitement is definitely growing in the community. There are the potentials for delays and bumps in the road but overall I’m optimistic and excited. But I am an optimist!


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