News on the 109G-4, Yak-1B and DX11

Another week and another developer update with some new information to have a look at including visuals of the Bf109G-4 in-engine, Yak-1B news and information about DX11.

Bf109G-4 development

The Bf109G-4 will be the first of the aircraft from the Battle of Kuban aircraft lineup to arrive in the game and the reasons are fairly obvious. The Bf109G-4 is an incremental update from the G-2 model that we already have. A lot of the work has already been done to make this aircraft flyable so development for this aircraft was likely speedy.

Skins were done with talented community member I./ZG1_Panzerbar.

A new undercarriage that was designed to accommodate the G series increasing weight and a fixed rear wheel are the easiest ways to tell the G-2 and G-4 apart. Small bulges or fairings on the wings making room for the larger landing gear is another tell tale sign. They also had a different radio.

What this G-4 model also represents in Battle of Kuban is an upgrade in performance over the down-rated engine in the G-2. With 1.42ATA boost on the DB605, this aircraft will be the fastest Bf109 we have in the series.

Armament remains the same.

This aircraft will likely arrive with version 2.006 in December.

Yak-1B all finished up

Beta testing of version 2.005 is nearly complete and that version along with the new Yak-1B Collector Plane may arrive as early as next week! For everyone who pre-orders before release, you also get the Yak-1B Series 127 collector skin.


It’s a great little bonus!

Remember, the pre-order is also going at a slight discount right now. You can pick it up for $14.99 USD instead of $19.99. I’m sure the discount is similar in other places.

DX11 news as well

Han also updated us on DX11 and I’ll put that here in his own words:

It’s also important to note that we finished DirectX 11 alpha testing and the main bulk of debugging work required for this transition and we plan to start implementing the already prepared and tested changes into the main game branch immediately after the version 2.005 release. Therefore, if all goes well, we hope to release version 2.006 in December with DirectX 11 support included.

This is of course great news! With DX11 we’re expecting to see improved performance, greater VR support, and the potential for improved visuals in the future as well with better shaders for effects and support for higher resolution textures.


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