Giving the Wulf a boost

Just a few days ago I wrote the about the FW190 controversy and it seems like the developers of IL-2 heard me (ok, probably not) because this week we heard from Roman, a Aerodynamics/Software Engineer on the IL-2 team for the Developer Update.

What is great about the developer updates these days is that we’re hearing from different members of the team on areas of their specialty. It gives us a better and deeper sense of what they are working on and who is involved.

Fixing the FW190

Roman filled us in on problems with modeling the FW190 to date and efforts being taken to fix them. I’d like to quote just a couple of key spots from the update.

Last year some new data appeared on the Internet – excerpts from the Fw-190 Chalai-Meudon wind tunnel data report. We used this data directly and reduced the maximum lift coefficient to 1.17 as it was given in this report. This turned out to be a mistake as some people on our forums suggested. The mistake was verified by the full report, kindly submitted by the community member II/JG17_ SchwarzeDreizehn. The summary graphs of this report did not take into account the flow disturbances and the relatively low flow speed in the tunnel, which lowered the maximum lift coefficient results.
At the moment, we continue to analyze the data we have in hand. Our estimate of the Fw-190 maximum lift coefficient is now 1.3-1.4. Increasing the maximum lift coefficient will also increase the maximum angle of attack. Pitch range of the flight stick till stall will be widened, making the aircraft easier to handle.
Roman also talks about some new data dealing with wing warping softening the stall. Let’s tally some of the changes:
  • an improved lift coefficient
  • a softened stall
  • an improvement to the maximum angle of attack

Cutting to the chase

In conclusion, this is great news for FW190 fans!

All of these things should make the FW190A-3 somewhat easier to handle. We should also consider that changes are expected in the new year surrounding the way that the engine calculates rudder and roll interactions. We should see a much improved handling experience all across the board (in a more realistic fashion).

We shouldn’t expect the FW190 to become an easy to fly aircraft (it had some vices to its handling) but you’ll be able to get a little more out of it before it flops you into the ground and that is a very good thing.

The new default FW190 skin by Panzerbar!

Sometime in the new year we’ll also be gaining access to the FW190A-5 as part of the Battle of Kuban aircraft set. A significant player in the fighter and fighter-bomber forces in the Kuban battle, a flyable and useful FW190A-5 will be a very good thing to have.

The update also saw some more skin updates from community member I./ZG1_Panzerbar who’s artistry and attention to detail is superb.

Read the whole Developer Diary update for the full story!




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