DCS Spitfire IX soon, F-5E available

Eagle Dynamics and some of their affiliated third party teams have been busy building new content for the flight simulator and the details they have put into these aircraft are kind of unreal.

I don’t do DCS news updates all of the time as I’m more invested in the IL-2 world but this is a blog about as much of the PC flight sim world as I can handle and it would be wrong to ignore DCS and Falcon BMS on the one hand and War Thunder on the other.

Spitfire LF.IXc available soon

One of the big imminent arrivals to the DCS series is the Spitfire LF.IXc which is now available for pre-order in their online store. For a promotional price of $39.99 you get the Spitfire IX with a beautifully detailed and fully clickable cockpit. DCS modeling takes this aircraft up a step beyond what you find in the IL-2 series in terms of detailed starting mechanics and engine modeling. For some this is highly desired while for others it may be overkill.


The actual cockpit itself is spectacular as you can see and Eagle Dynamics has recently released a video with a great overview of the startup procedure.

With the Spitfire V coming to IL-2 next year sometime, it will be interesting to pit the advanced flight models of both sims up next to each other and see who has the most nuanced Spitfire flight sim. Either way, the arrival of these aircraft is great news for Spitfire fans.

F-5E official release

The F-5E Tiger II by third-party developer Belsimtek is now available in DCS for $59.99 in their online store.

Commonly used by Western air forces as an aggressor combat fighter in advanced training and by other nations as a fighter or support aircraft. The F-5 is gradually falling out of use around the world but for over 30 years it served many nations and in many different capacities.

Although I haven’t bought this package, the F-5E Tiger II looks like a great aircraft to fly. Fairly simple systems compared to more sophisticated aircraft, it should be able to hold its own in a knife-fight with its twin 20mm cannon and a pair of AIM-9 missiles firing from the wingtip rails.

DCS World War II

Eagle Dynamics continues to work on a World War II setup to complement their modern day aircraft. Their efforts have seen some progress, however, its definitely going at a slower rate than 1CGS’s efforts with the IL-2 series. That said, DCS is going for something a little different with a more detailed and slower growing experience (and they are simultaneously working on other projects).

At the end of October, their update on their efforts indicated good progress.

Work continues at great speed on new elements of DCS World War II. Much of the work is focused on DCS: Spitfire LF Mk IX and the Normandy map, and both are, or will be soon, going into internal test! This is always a good sign that we are approaching an Early Access release. In addition to the Spitfire and WW II era map, we also continue working on new AI units to inhabit the map. Last week we had a look at the Tiger tank, this week we offer first looks at the Panther and a work-in-progress image of the B-17.

When Eagle Dynamics does get there… we’ll see a detailed Normandy map with dozens of ground units and objects that will provide an immersive experience. What I haven’t yet been able to ascertain is just how focused their aircraft set will be. The Spitfire LF.IX is well suited to Normandy and the D-Day invasion timeline while the Bf109K-4 and FW190D-9 are not – one can hope that an FW190A-8 and a Bf109G-6 are somewhere in the pipeline too.


Fans will go nuts on a flyable B-17 if that ever arrives in DCS World!

Read up on more of that right here!

AJS-37 announcement!

Leatherneck Simulations has announced the AJS-37 Viggen! This Swedish designed fighter-bomber is a pretty incredible if somewhat unknown aircraft in some circles. Equipped with anti-ship missiles, rockets, bombs and air-to-air missiles this will be a pretty versatile type.

Visit their sub-forum for details!

F/A-18 progress too

The Eagle Dynamics team are also busy building the F/A-18C which will eventually be added to the series as the first full DCS World level American fast jet. While the F-15C is already available, its done to a lower standard as part of the Flaming Cliffs release. The F/A-18C will have a click-pit and some pretty sophisticated modeling – including realistic air-to-ground radar capability.



Nevada Map Extension

Eagle Dynamics has also been busy upgrading the Nevada Test and Training Range (NTTR) map with additional airfields, new cities and towns. The whole map is looking pretty great all around!

A lot of different things going on

The Eagle Dynamics team have proven year after year that they can deliver some really quality products with extreme levels of fidelity and detail. A couple of years ago I started slowly getting myself into DCS world via the free Su-25T and I later bought Flaming Cliffs 3. I’m still not fully versed in modern jet combat like I am with World War II aircraft but its great that the PC flight sim community has great companies like Eagle Dynamics doing the work here.

Eagle Dynamics also have some great third party groups like Belsimtek, RAZBAM, VEAO Simulations, AvioDev, and Leatherneck Simulations adding new content to the series as well.

If modern aircraft or extremely detailed World War II aircraft is your thing… DCS is a great place to look.

Find out more DCS News right here in the Eagle Dynamics forum!


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