IL-2 Version 2.006 live!

It’s a pretty big day for IL-2 fans as version 2.006 goes live and ushers in several major additions to the series and sets a course for the next twelve-months. Today we gain access to the new DirectX 11 renderer, the Ju52, Bf109G-4, and the first of many new scripted single player campaigns “Ten Days of Autumn.”

Just a few details

As always, the full patch notes are available and I like to summarize just some of the big items that have arrived in this patch.

Some significant features:

  • DirectX 11 renderer – This updates a core piece of the game engine that will, for most pilots, unlock much higher performance assuming you’re using more recent hardware that supports DirectX 11. Frame rates are significantly more smooth under the new system for me. Four times the mesh complexity for ground maps is available for future projects (I assume this is Battle of Kuban related) and enhanced 4K textures are now possible within the engine. DX 11 also provides the framework for much better VR support and unlock the potential for future graphical enhancements.
  • Ju52 3m – Long talked about and then more recently revealed to be a flyable aircraft in development. The Ju52 is here! For many who were awaiting this aircraft, today is a great day. The Ju52 can carry cargo, drop cargo packets, and paratroopers and thanks to powerful mission triggers can be used in single and multiplayer scenarios in all kinds of inventive ways from resupplying the frontlines to capturing aerodromes. I’ll be doing a feature on this plane at a later date
  • Bf109G-4 – This Bf109 variant gets the IL-2: Battle of Kuban early access period started as its the first type to arrive as part of the latest edition of IL-2. Though the G-4 is a modest update from the G-2, it too is worth a detailed look and I will be writing an update about it later on.
  • Ten Days of Autumn – The first scripted single player campaign available for the new IL-2 series, Ten Days of Autumn is just the start of a series of available free and pay for single player campaigns. This campaign opens the door to that and developers will be revealing more details on how to build these campaigns in future updates.

There are many other changes, enhancements, skins, details, mission triggers and more that are all being touched in this update. So… click your Launcher icon and get the auto patch process rolling.

While you wait, check out HHPaul’s latest IL-2 trailer as well.

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