IL-2 Holiday Sale

Another great IL-2 sale is underway and a great opportunity to get that collector plane that you’ve been thinking about getting. If you’re new to the series and waiting to try and jump in then this is a great opportunity.

What are the deals?

  • IL-2: Battle of Moscow is 33% off: $33.49 for Standard and $53.59 for Premium.
  • IL-2: Battle of Moscow is 50% off: $24.99 for Standard and $39.99 for Premium.
  • FW190A-3 and La-5 Series 8 are both 50% off: $9.99 each.
  • MC.202 and P-40E-1 are both 15% off: $16.99 each.

There are currently no sales on the recently released items such as the Yak-1B Series 69 or the Ju 52/3m and IL-2: Battle of Kuban retains its $10.00 discount for the pre-order/early access period.

Everything is available on the IL-2 website store.

New to the series and wondering what to get?

A closeup of a Bf109G-2If you’re completely new to the series and you aren’t sure where to jump in, I can make a suggestion.

IL-2: Battle of Stalingrad is currently 50% off making it a pretty good buy and a very good bang for the buck. Get the Premium edition if you know that you are going to be all in. If you;re not as sure… the Standard will serve you just fine and you can always buy the Collector Planes later.

Battle of Stalingrad Standard comes with 8 aircraft (fighters, bombers, attackers on each side) that are essential for the Stalingrad battle while the Premium edition adds two more aircraft. If you are thinking about making the jump to Kuban right after then Battle of Stalingrad is a good place to start – it has more aircraft that are going to be shared with the Kuban battle simply by their time period proximity.

A 109 is seconds from crashing while this MiG-3 pulls away

If you already have Battle of Stalingrad, I would suggest that Battle of Moscow aircraft set and campaign add a ton of fun to the series. I fly more over Moscow’s beautiful map than I do over Stalingrad and aircraft like the I-16 may not be the top performers but they are a lot of fun to fly!


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