A quick update on the Kuban Spitfire

1CGS’ weekly developer updates keep coming with the last update of 2016 being brought to us by Han. The update gives us a pretty good view of the current progress on the Spitfire Mark Vb, an IL-2: Battle of Kuban Collector Plane due to arrive in June of 2017.

The Spitfire!

Untextured but making great progress! Look at those details!

Progress appears to be coming along nicely with the Spitfire Mark Vb.

Russian squadrons made use of the Mark V Spitfire in both Merlin 45 and Merlin 46 configurations during the Battle of Kuban. It remains to be seen which Spitfire V we’ll be getting but it is clear that this is a B-Type wing version of the Spitfire.

Over the years the Spitfire received many upgrades including some pretty radical changes to its armament. The original Spitfire wing, the A-Type, was fitted with eight Browning .303 machine guns (four in each wing). These guns were fitted to the shape of the wing and did not protrude in any way. The Browning .303s proved to be inadequate at bringing down bombers during the Battle of Britain so efforts were launched as early as 1940 to add 20mm cannons to the Spitfire. The Hispano 20mm was eventually fitted to the Spitfire wing in the B-Type wing.

The B-Type wing removes four .303 Brownings and replaces them with the Hispano 20mm Mark II cannon. Though firing more slowly than other 20mm cannons, the Hispano fires a large cartridge at a high muzzle velocity causing significant damage. In previous IL-2 games, the Hispano was highly effective and I expect no less here. The B-Type wing featured 60 round drums for each of the cannons allowing for only a very short firing duration so using ammunition sparingly will be key in this Spitfire. The C-Type wing introduced a belt feed mechanism for the Hispano cannon allowing each gun to carry 120 rounds but it does not appear that we’ll be seeing this version. This is keeping with history as the Spitfires present at Kuban were of this type.

What else the team is working on

Han gave us some details on what other items the team is working on.

Right now we are developing the new Career mode, Spitfire, Boston, He 111 H-16, IL-2 model 1943 and Fw 190 A-5 3D models and flight models of Bf 110 G-2 and Fw 190 A-5 (including the flight model correction for Fw 190 A-3 we promised). 3-dimensional sea waves technology is being adopted from Rise of Flight and simultaneously improved. We’re also making a new graphics technique for realistic looking steep rock slopes for mountains, while additional objects for Battle of Kuban map are almost done.

This is quite a list! The 3-dimensional sea waves in Rise of Flight were convincing and realistic and it made water takeoff in the seaplane aircraft interesting as it did attacking ships that were pitching up and down in heavier seas.

It’ll be interesting to see what the steep rock slopes end up looking like – Kuban region is very mountainous so this should be fascinating!

Check out the update!


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