First look at the Bf110G-2, optimizations

The first 1CGS IL-2 Developer Diary for 2017 is here and we have some great new information coming from Han and the rest of the team’s efforts. A first look at  nearly completed Bf110G-2, a glimpse of the He111H-16 cockpit and development efforts, and some talk about optimization.


The Bf110G-2 is an IL-2: Battle of Kuban attack plane for the Luftwaffe side. It actually is more than that as the Bf110 is generally a heavy fighter with options that make it into an attacker or bomber hunter/destroyer with just enough agility to duke it out with unsuspecting fighters.

The G-2 variant coming in IL-2: Battle of Kuban comes with some new modifications. Namely, the MG151/20 twin gunpod attachment and the massive Bordkanone BK3,7 37mm cannon firing a massive 37x263mm cartridge. Its not a new weapon to the series as the Ju87D in IL-2: Battle of Stalingrad already comes with a BK3,7 option but this is exciting as it will be on a faster airframe and one more capable of anti-bomber operations.

Thanks to the forum we also have a better picture of how much more powerful the Bf110G-2 is thanks to  I./ZG1_Martijnvdm.

If you calculate HP per ton with the numbers i posted earlier you will see that the G2 fares better than the E2.

Model: DB-601A (Bf-110 E-2) / HP per ton
Maximum power in Boosted mode at sea level: 1100 HP / 164,2
Maximum power in Emergency mode at sea level: 990 HP / 147,8
Maximum power in Emergency mode at 4500 m: 1020 HP / 152,2
Maximum power in Combat mode at sea level: 910 HP / 135,8
Maximum power in Combat mode at 5000 m: 960 HP / 143,3

Model: DB-605A (Bf-110 G-2)
Maximum power in Emergency mode at sea level: 1480 HP / 192,2
Maximum power in Emergency mode at 5600 m: 1360 HP / 176,6
Maximum power in Combat mode at sea level: 1310 HP / 170,1
Maximum power in Combat mode at 5800 m: 1250 HP / 162,3

He111H-16 progress

With the Bf110G-2 coming sometime towards the end of this month the team is also furiously finishing the He111H-16 for release sometime in February.


More powerful engines, more significant defensive weapons, and I believe even a larger bomb-load help distinguish the H-16 from the earlier H-6 model we already have. Apparently there were more modifications to this aircraft than even the team suspected according to Han,

Our artists are finishing German bomber He 111 H-16 3D model. We must say that its development turned out to be somewhat harder than we expected. Its rear cabin was created anew and there are significant changes in the pilots cabin.

We’ll be seeing more of this aircraft in the near future, no doubt!


The 1CGS team has been hard at work at optimizing IL-2 and some of the subsystems that help run the game. The flying AI takes up a considerable amount of CPU power to the point where only a limited number of aircraft could ideally be flown on any conventional PC without incurring a massive hit to performance.

Some ground handling improvements are already in place and now some improvements in the air are on the way. Apparently there will be a 2x improvement allowing for twice the number of planes as possible before.

This is good news as we’ll see larger formations representing some of the massive swirling fights over the Kuban river region.

There is also word that fixes for AMD cards and for the nVidia GTX 780 driver are on the way and that improvements from those should be hitting sometime in February or March.

Read the whole Dev Diary update right here for the whole story directly from Han.


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