IL-2’s 4K aircraft skin options

When Update 2.006 arrived, it brought with it a huge number of changes to the game engine. The DirectX 11 renderer was a big improvement in performance but it also unlocked the ability to have 4K sized textures. While the default skins have not yet been updated, that hasn’t stopped the community from generating some gorgeous new 4K templates.

Feature image credit: Boomerang

What is the difference?

If you load up a default game of IL-2 right now, all of the skins of the aircraft will be 2048×2048 pixels in dimension. These are “wrapped” skins and they have been setup to take a flat texture and wrap it around the 3D model.

A Lilya Litvak skin (author unknown).

With the new release, we now have the ability to take those 2048×2048 pixel skins and double their size so the maximum size of skins is now 4096х4096. This improves the sharpness and the clarity of the skin. Its most important for players when they are sitting in their cockpit and looking out at their wing but it also makes for gorgeous screen shots.

Boomerang’s Bf109 template is looking particularly spectacular. You can see his progress and effort here.

ICDP just released a FW190A-3 4K template to the world and you can check that out right here too.


One more… BorysVorobyov is hard at work on the MiG-3 template.


This is the kind of thing that you don’t see as well here as you will in-game when the player zooms and in really sees the difference. Blurry textures will continue to disappear as people work on higher resolution templates and textures.

Much more activity is happening so check out the Skins and Templates section of the IL-2 forum to download new templates and check out some fantastic skin work by the community.


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  1. Phil says:

    Hi, talking about skins, where can be seen the Ju52 special pre order skin? I haven’t found pics of it on devs site/forums.


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