DCS: AJS-37 Viggen about to enter early access

Third party aircraft builder Leatherneck Simulations is nearly ready to unleash the AJS-37 onto the public. This Swedish built fighter and anti-ship/attack aircraft is currently available for pre-purchase with a 20% discount and will be launched into early access on January 27th.

Forming the backbone of the Swedish air force during the later stages of the Cold War, the AJS-37 coming into DCS is the multi-role variant with some pretty sophisticated anti-ship missiles, an air-to-ground radar system, maritime reconnaissance abilities, and to control all of this the product will ship with a 400-page flight manual. In keeping with Swedish military doctrine, the AJS-37 has a thrust reverser and short field capability so landing on a small airstrip or highway is a definite possibility – something that no other type available in DCS will be able to do.

More details are available on the DCS product page.


A variety of videos from the Leatherneck Simulations YouTube channel show off the features of the aircraft which are worth watching.

A more in-depth look by Bunyap Sims YouTube channel is an excellent tutorial on the aircraft and all of its flight and weapon systems.

The aircraft is going to be pretty interesting for enthusiasts and especially for people who like to fly something outside of the ordinary. With any luck, we’ll see a flyable JAS-39 Gripen in DCS at some point too. I’d love that!

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