First look at the He111H-16!

Another week, another developer diary. I make that sound tedious… it’s not! Each week we get a pretty good look at what is happening behind the scenes at 1CGS and how Battle of Kuban is progressing. This week we get a good look at the He111H-16 and some other interesting pieces of info about update 2.007.

The Heinkel returns

Some may have been disappointed that we we’re retreading on familiar turf with the He111H-16. A modest upgrade from the earlier H-6 model, the He111H-16 does come with some interesting updates and upgrades that do make it somewhat different.

We’ve already seen the cockpit from a previous update and pilots familiar with the plane will notice that it is quite different. There is more forward visibility for one and several gauges and panels have been moved around.


We also got our first good look at the finished 3D model.

And… also, for the first time, a look at the rear gunner station. Again, this area changes a fair bit from the earlier model. The earlier stations are replaced with a mix of MG131 machine guns and MG81Z guns (we’ve already seen these on the Ju87D-3). The MG131 is a heavy machine gun that will bolster the rearward firepower while the MG81Zs point to the sides and down. Heavier fire and more rapid fire definitely increases the defensive capabilities of this bomber making the venerable Heinkel He111 a little tougher to attack and bring down.

There are more screen shots on the developer update so you should definitely head over there to see the rest.

Another big difference is the bomb bay with both bays being available for bombs (the H-6 had a fuel tank installed on the port side) so a much heavier loadout will be available at the expense of range.

Update 2.007 coming soon

Back in December, Update 2.006 arrived and along with that came some pretty big changes like the new DX11 renderer, the first aircraft from Battle of Kuban in the form of the Bf109G-4, and a range of changes and fixes. While 2.007 promises to be slightly smaller in scale, there are still some big changes coming.

Bf110G-2 enters beta testing

We’ve heard that the Bf110G-2 heavy fighter/attacker is in final beta testing. Usually its a week to two weeks before beta testing is complete and that likely means that the Bf110 is due possibly by the end of next week.

AI optimization continues

Efforts to optimize the AI hit on CPU resources continues to improve. According to Han:

Since we finished physics optimizations for AI controlled aircraft, AI revision for all the planes in the game was mandatory. During this revision, their piloting and attack maneuvers were improved in many ways. As the direct result of this, update 2.007 will bring not only the double performance level of AI controlled aircraft (meaning that the same number of AI planes will require twice less CPU time), but also the improved quality of AIs – there will be a lot less jerky movements, AI handling will be more fluid.

More performance and more believable AI are two pretty big benefits at once. The goal of all of this is to increase the numbers of planes that we can see in the sky so that truly large scale dogfights will be possible on average systems. We’ve already seen some improvements and more along those lines are both impressive and meaningful to a lot of players.

FW190A-3 flight model update complete

Quite unexpectedly, the FW190A-3 flight model update is now complete and will be coming with Update 2.007 as well. I’ve highlighted efforts here in past updates and these are likely to be extremely welcome changes to the currently very difficult to fly and handle FW190A-3.

Originally this change was expected along with the FW190A-5, however, work apparently progressed more rapidly.

This all sounds good to me!


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