More stories from IL-2 multiplayer

Most of you know that I spend the majority of my time flying single player missions and campaigns with the new IL-2 series but I do sometimes jump on multiplayer. I’ve played on the official 1CGS server in Normal mode and I sometimes jump into Wings of Liberty to get some experience with a more Expert level of difficulty. Last night I had a blast doing it!

I flew a couple of flights last night starting by taking out a Ju87 which I was woefully unprepared to fly. I haven’t mapped all of my controls yet so I ended up running the Ju87 at what I thought was 30 minutes power climb but was really just burning out the engine. I dead sticked that landing!

Low altitude attack run

Next I took the more familiar (to me) Bf110E-2 with a pair of SC500 bombs and I headed for the target – a river crossing.

Enroute I spotted a pretty significant collection of contrails and with approximately 40 players in the server it was clear that a large scale high altitude dogfight was on hand. Me? I was down at 1000 meters ducking between clouds and trying not to be noticed.

Keeping a close eye on the swirling high altitude dogfight above.

It was at this point I crossed paths with a Pe-2 on a dive bombing attack against friendly targets. I did try and pull lead but he got away and my Bf110 was flying too quickly and was too heavily laden with bombs to make a pursuit out of it.

Next I spotted the target at the river crossing. A large collection of vehicles piled up in a town with a river crossing just ahead of them.

Flying parallel to the convoy path I extended out until the targets had passed my wing on a 90 degree angle and that is when I began my roll in to attack. Turning 180 degrees I nosed up to build a little altitude and then immediately pitched into a nose down attack run. On my Gladiator I have bombs and rockets set to an alternate mode so I switched to what I call “bomb mode” and pickled both SC500 – single release, about 1 second apart.

Pulling up and out I saw the blasts and a direct hit on 10 vehicles. Success!

Targets hit!

Sometime around this point I realized I had taken some damage. I’m not sure if the second SC500 blast got me or if a flak battery had landed a hit (I never heard the impact) but it was clear that my 110 was damaged with reduced aileron control. The engine seemed to be fine so I headed for home after taking another run on target.

Despite some battle damage, I landed my Bf110 and parked it on the runway. A pretty good mission!

Sturmovik time

The map changed around the end of my last sortie so it was a whole new ballgame on a new map. Loading it up I noticed the Allied side was now down on players so it was time to take my ground attack efforts to the IL-2 Sturmovik, Model 1941. My target this time was an enemy supply train.

Flying low altitude for several minutes after takeoff, I crossed the frontline without spotting any friendly or enemy aircraft. The skies were pretty clear so I pressed on towards the target.

Spotting the train ahead I plotted a course that would see my aircraft’s path intersect with the train. Flying 90 degrees to the train’s path I set up my attack run – a combination attack switching between guns and rockets for the first pass. My rocket attack was a 4 rocket salvo timed for maximum impact. Impact it did! The engine, tender and two cars went up in the initial attack.

I was slow to evade focused on speed and could hear a few glancing blows hit my IL-2 from the gunners. Fortunately, true to reputation, the IL-2 can take a real beating and I stayed low and evasive for several seconds.

Now I came around parallel to the tracks flying a wide circuit until I was flying directly down the tracks at the back of the train – now stopped thanks to my first attack.

Dropping all 6 FAB-50 bombs, I carpeted the train cars with IL-2’s internally stored bombs. This time I was lower, faster and more evasive so the AA gunners had a poor time of tracking me. The bombs went off several seconds later destroying the rest of the train cars. Success!

Surveying the damage – enemy supply train eliminated!

My IL-2 mission was not yet over. Pulling up off of the target I noticed a huge barrage of flak and tracer fire from not too far away so I headed in looking for trouble. At this point I spotted a Ju87 pulling up off of an attack run. Unfortunately for him, he was low and slow and I had enough speed in my IL-2 to overtake him.

The twin VYa 23mm cannons on the IL-2 will make short work of trains, vehicles, and light armored vehicles so when they go against aircraft the results are usually dramatic. Dramatic they were. A couple of squeezes and the Ju87 lit on fire and the pilot immediately bailed.


Clearing the sky and checking my 6, I headed for home bringing my IL-2 in for a landing.

I flew a few other fairly uneventful missions after that but it was a pretty enjoyable evening on Wings of Liberty. You can check out my admittedly fairly unimpressive stats on IL-2 Stat!


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