IL-2 Update 2.007 lands with the Bf110G-2

The second aircraft of the IL-2: Battle of Kuban expansion has landed with the Messerschmitt Bf110G-2 making its appearance in IL-2 patch 2.007. Oh… and the FW190A-3 flight model update is here too!

A quick look at the Bf110G-2

When IL-2: Battle of Moscow was announced, we got a good look at the first Bf110 entry in the series with the not very well known Bf110E-2. The E-2 variant was new to many sim pilots having flown other models of Bf110 such as the C series in Cliffs of Dover and the G-2 model in the original IL-2 series. The E-2 fit the Moscow scenario well but many heavy fighter pilots were clamoring for more – more firepower, more engine power, and more overall capability and that is answered here with the late model Bf110G-2.

The G-2 mode comes with the usual complement of bombs, new gun pod options (both of the 20mm and 37mm variety), more engine power and armor protection, and a better rear gun position.

Keep an eye out for my full review of this aircraft coming very soon!


FW190A-3 flight model changes

The FW190A-3 has been given a fairly comprehensive overhaul of the flight model. Its handling characteristics have been altered significantly and the initial reviews and comments have been almost entirely positive – the FW190 is now performing and handling as official Luftwaffe documents suggest it should.

Curious what that is all about? I’ve previously written about the FW190 flight model changes in the articles “Giving the Wulf a Boost” and “FW190 flight model progress”.


Other key updates

Patch 2.007 also brought some other key changes:

  • Twice as many AI aircraft can now be added to missions (with the same level of fidelity as you would expect from the AI) thanks to optimizations to the AI routines
  • AI flying characteristics are more fluid now thanks to changes to the AI system
  • The skin viewer tool now is capable of viewing 4K textures which will make it easier for skin authors to work on their 4K skins
  • Aircraft bump mapping is now user editable – This should enable for unique and customized bump maps for skins (bump mapping is useful for adding layers and depth to reflections on otherwise flat 3D surfaces such as the aircraft rivets)

Go visit the IL-2 forums for the complete list of fixes and changes that came with Update 2.007.


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