DCS live stream will show off the new Normandy map

DCS continues to make in-roads in the World War II flight simulator genre (adding to their growing array of modern aircraft and scenarios) with an impressive looking Normandy map. We’ve seen a decent number of work in progress photos over the last year and now it looks like fans will be getting a more in-depth tour of the scenery.


Wags from the Eagle Dynamics team responsible for DCS’ development posted on the ED forums with news of a live stream event:

Dear all,

On 25 February, I plan to do the first live stream of the Normandy 1944 map! This will probably be over Youtube livesteam.

If you have specific questions about this map, please post them here and I’ll try to answer many of them during the stream.

Next week I will provide the exact time.

Look forward to seeing you all then,

Sounds interesting! If they use YouTube Live Streaming a full release of the stream should become available immediately after the stream so one way or another you can see what the Eagle Dynamics team is up to.


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