More about the DCS World Normandy Map

The road to World War II flight in DCS World has been a long and winding one but there are signs of some serious progress as the Normandy map is progressing towards a more finished product.

Expanding the map


Early concepts of the map were more limited with just the landing grounds and immediate area to just south of St. Lo. The map has expanded somewhat now and it includes part of southern England too.

The latest DCS World Weekend News adds,

While not planned from the start, we have now added a portion of southern England, directly opposite of Normandy. This area includes the RAF airfields of Tangmere, Ford, Chailey, Funtington, and Needs Oar Point. While not at the detail level of Normandy, we believe these airfields will add valuable gameplay options.

Indeed, having southern England opens up options for pre-day raids in the Normandy area and along the coast. This provides gameplay opportunities that easily encompass late 1943 and a good portion of 1944 as the Allies roll back the German forces in Normandy and push them back towards Germany.

AI B-17G model

We’ve seen some earlier shots of this but we now get a chance to see the B-17G in-engine and it looks incredible!

While great to have, the B-17G is currently AI only and its unclear right now if it will be made flyable later on or not. I’m sure there are already players asking for it to be made flyable.

Still needs some focus

The Normandy map is beautifully detailed, authentically put together, and it features vehicles and tanks that are accurate to the period. I’m still hoping that the team at Eagle Dynamics along with other third party groups can focus in on the June 1944 time period and produce an impressive lineup of aircraft.

The Spitfire IX module is beautifully done and fits this map perfectly. Add some Operation Overlord invasion stripes on the wings and it fits right in! The P-51D works fairly well here too (although an earlier P-51B would be a good add too) but that is it for the moment. The Bf109K-4 came out months after this campaign wrapped up as did the FW190D-9.

Hopefully more aircraft will be on the way including the Typhoon, B-26 and others. We already know that a lovingly detailed P-47 is on its way so that will certainly help.


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  1. Robin says:

    Please date the stuff you write so readers can separate old info from new. Thx for the post!


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Hi Robin, every post is automatically dated. If you’re on mobile or tablet its at the top of the screen in the header and if you’re on a laptop or larger its on the left beneath the headline and in the same line as Posted by. I hope that helps!


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