Working my way through Ten Days of Autumn

ten_days_autumn_new.jpgWhen Ten Days of Autumn was announced as the first paid campaign for the IL-2 series, I was skeptical. I bought it to support the developers and $9.99 seemed a worthwhile way to try out the new Scripted Campaign system and to see if a pay for campaign would be worth the money.

I’m onto the sixth mission of the campaign and so far the experience has been excellent. Briefings, triggers, and overall mission design have provided for a very positive experience.

After the positive remarks about my Cold Winter campaign review, I’m going to reserve full judgement for a full review after I complete the campaign, but I’m at least part of the way towards answering the question of just how worth it a ‘pay for’ campaign might be.

More commentary to come!

Flares appear over the airfield as I roll my Bf109 to a stop at the end of the first mission.

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