IL-2: Battle of Kuban lands with new update, aircraft

Most of us had suspected that the next update for IL-2: Battle of Kuban would land sometime next week at the earliest, however, Update 2.008 was released today and it brings with it a series of updates, two new aircraft, and one major modification to another aircraft. It’s a lot to take in!

New aircraft

Update 2.008 brings with it two new aircraft in the form of the FW190A-5 and the He111H-16. Both of these are variants of pre-existing aircraft (the He111H-6 and FW190A-3), however, they bring with them a significant set of changes to their armaments and performance that make them well suited to being a part of the Battle of Kuban scenario.

The FW190A-5 is both fighter and fighter-bomber (a “Jabo”) and it comes with a wider variety of air-to-ground ordinance and gunpods that the A-3 model doesn’t have. It also has a new engine boost option (up to 1.65ATA) for low level fighter-bomber high speed dashes.

The He111H-16 is a later modification of the Heinkel bomber series. A bigger payload than the H-6, more powerful engines, and more potent defensive firepower are the highlights of this aircraft.

Also “new” is a engine modification for the La-5 Series 8 Collector Plane. The M-82F engine brings with it higher tolerances and was able to run at high boost (at low altitude) for an unlimited amount of time instead of the 5 minute limit of the M-82 engine that we’re familiar with La-5.

This effectively makes the La-5 with M-82F engine a very early La-5F. Visually the aircraft is essentially identical but its low altitude power is enhanced. Some have questioned if this was a historical loadout and the answer is… Yes. Early La-5F models or late La-5 models were retrofitted with the new engine at roughly the same time.

Update highlights

  • FW190A-5 and He111H-16 added for Battle of Kuban owners
  • La-5 with M-82F and an unlimited engine boost time
  • New missions created by community members Juri_JS and Coconut
  • Bf110G-2 gun damage bug corrected
  • AI updates including taxiing corrections, ground attack updates, and the AI being less likely to fixate on the players aircraft

The full list of updates is available on the IL-2 forums.

EDIT: February 28 at 11:45 pm with new screen shots

2 Comments Add yours

  1. ToxicLeif says:

    I hope they do some more premium planes in the near future.


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      I’d love to see that happen as well. In the September Q&A Jason did mention that he would like to squeeze in two more Collectors Planes in between Battle of Kuban and Battle of Midway development.

      The community is calling for the Bf109G-6 and La-5F but Jason said he originally had others in mind.

      We’ll see how that shakes out!


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