IL-2 developers update on the Kuban map, Type 7 destroyer

Developer updates from 1CGS on Battle of Kuban continue with an update this week from Han on the progress on the Kuban map and on one of the ships being added to the series.

Getting ship shape

The Kuban battle will introduce naval warfare in a more significant way than we’ve seen with the rejuvenated IL-2 series and the developers at 1CGS are showing off some of their progress.

The Type 7 and Type 7U destroyers were built in the late 1930s and early 1940s for the Soviet Navy. Developed in part with Italian shipbuilders in the 1930s these ships were fast (capable of 40 knots or 75km/h) and carried a mix of 130mm, 76mm, 45mm, 12.7mm guns and had 533mm torpedo tubes.

Soviet Type 7 destroyer – hull number 25

Thirty Type-7 and eighteen Type-7U destroyers were completed during the war and 16 were lost.

1CGS will need to build in some AI routines to handle these fast destroyers so that their navigation and weapon systems work in actual combat. The original IL-2 series had middling performance from the AI controlled ships and we’ll hopefully see some improvements in the new one which will hopefully lead to more interesting interactions between ships and the aircraft flying above (and attacking) them.

The Kuban

Han also waxed a little poetic (let’s be honest here) about the interaction between the art team and the map team and I have to agree with him. The newest screen shots of the Kuban map already revealed some seriously impressive work with mountains and these new ones of the river system are works of art.

Each iteration of the new IL-2 series from Stalingrad to Moscow and now on to Kuban is revealing an impressive series of improvements to what the map team is capable of doing. Moscow was an upgrade over Stalingrad in every way from both art and map detail and the Kuban region with its river valleys, mountains, and seas are clearly an opportunity to push further.

For a small flight sim team on a small budget I think this is impressive work. The engine still has some rendering limitations and the distance being rendered is a little low but I think I can look past that (I know some still struggle).

True passion here folks. I can’t wait to fly over the new Kuban map.

See more here!


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