Spitfire V and VR dominate IL-2 dev update

I knew what a Spitfire was and could recognize one from a photo at the tender age of 3 and my warbird obsession got worse from there. This week is particularly exciting as its our first look at 1CGS’s lend-lease Russian front Spitfire Vb.

First look at the Spitfire Vb

Not everyone knows that the Spitfire saw service with the Soviet Air Force during World War II alongside many other lend-lease aircraft. The Russians received hundreds of Spitfire V and IX models from the British serving in a variety of capacities.

The Spitfire Vb served in a few squadrons during the Kuban battle so its presence is absolutely well suited to the battle. The Spitfire V is lacking a little in performance by 1943 but it should remain competitive and we’ll see exactly what the devs have to offer sooner than later.

Though no ETA was given, it appears that the developers are ahead of schedule and it is possible that we’ll see this legendary fighter show up sometime in April.

Some comments on VR

Jason Williams was the updater for this dev blog entry and the real focus was not on the Spitfire V but rather on the progress that the team has been making with VR.

We continue to work on our VR implementation and it has posed some technical challenges and there will be some small limitations due to incompatibility between the VR API and our engine. It must be said that our engine was never designed to work natively with VR and the VR companies never designed their goggles and tech to work natively with a hardcore flight-sim with a custom graphics engine that includes gunner positions and bombsights.

VR in flight sims is fairly new to the consumer market and IL-2 is second in complexity only to DCS which itself has a VR mode. Word from the developer update is that the implementation is very good and that it works very well – but I think Jason is also preparing expectations for there to be bugs especially with the early release.

Read the whole update for the full details!


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