DCS Normandy live stream recap

Matt Wagner from Eagle Dynamics took viewers on a live stream tour of the DCS: Normandy map yesterday. He showed off the map itself and some of the World War II assets that have been generated for the sim.

The stream

The 23 minute stream included a tour of the Normandy map from the Normandy coast to Caen and then on to Point Du Hoc as well as Matt answering a series of questions that had been set up for him to answer.

The map itself has been greatly expanded from the initial focus and it now includes southern England though the detail is lower in those regions than over Normandy itself.

Work on World War II radio, new explosions, performance and optimization, and clouds were all topics discussed and it sounds like lots of different areas are being improved both for this pack and DCS in general.

The tour is pretty spectacular showing off both the Spitfire IX module as well as the Normandy map and both look incredible. Low level details of towns, villages, as well as the water effects are convincing and realistic and what you would expect from the Eagle Dynamics team.

There was also a discussion about including more aircraft in the assets package. These would be AI types presumably unless they get more fully modeled later on. Aircraft mentioned included the C-47, Typhoon, FW190A-6 and A-8, Bf109G-6, A-20, B-24, B-25, and B-26. I’m pleased to hear that these types are being considered as the current World War II DCS modules don’t really cover the summer 1944 time period.

Unfortunately the map, the assets pack, and the Spitfire are all going to be separate modules although Matt says that there will be bundle pricing.

Eagle Dynamics also recently released a Map and Assets Pack trailer for Normandy 1944. Worth checking out!

Estimated release date for DCS Normandy and the WWII assets pack is May 2017.

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