IL-2 Model 1943 skins, flight physics updates round out new dev diary

While the flight model is still being worked on, the IL-2 Model 1943 shows off its range of colour schemes for this week’s developer diary along with information about flight model physics updates and some sad news about a Battle of Stalingrad veteran passing away.

Another close look at the IL-2 Model 1943

The Model 1943 IL-2 comes with a variety of developer provided skins and this week we got a look at all of them. I’ve selected four that I particularly enjoyed the images of but there are many more on the developer diary so you should head to the dev diary update for the full listing.

The Model 1943 as I’ve mentioned in the past is what I would consider a definitive example of the IL-2 series with its straight edged wing and built in gunner station that you always see pictured in books about this hard hitting armored tank of an aircraft.

The flight model is being worked on now which probably means that we’re only a few weeks from release to early access.

We still haven’t seen the cockpit yet and that promises to be interesting given the changes on this series of IL-2. Stay tuned for that!

Flight model changes

I’ve reported previously that the team was working on changes to the flight model. The team and the fans have never been completely satisfied with how the flight model has worked with rudder movements and that goes from nose wobble to changes in pitch and yaw caused by the rudder. Fans of the Bf109, for example, continue to have issues with how the aircraft behaves in some situations and I suspect that this update is aimed at least partially at correcting that.

Fans of the Bf109 have issues with how the aircraft wobbles in certain aspects of its flight envelope.

As with all flight simulators, to keep things running at a speed that satisfies gamers and that works on modern hardware, you have to make assumptions and shortcuts from real physics to make an approximation. Running a full physics model isn’t possible yet so you have to approximate. Sometimes those approximations are a little bit off – I’m still amazed at how close they can come despite the limitations.

Han had a specific statement at the end of all of the changes they have worked on so far:

To summarize, we would like to point out that these news don’t mean something like ‘flight model was wrong and now we’re making it to be correct’. No. This is a process of evolving the aircraft physics model, it is endless in fact: one can improve a physics model indifinitely and never achieve absolute accuracy. The real indicator of the flight model quality is how close it represents the characteristics of a real aircraft and its handling in different situations compared to other avia simulators.

I would encourage you to visit the dev update to see some of the in-depth details.

How we fly our aircraft will be changing a bit with this update. Surely that will cause some debate and discussion as well as a little fear from the community just how it will affect things.

We’ll adjust to changes over time and I think that any move towards something more accurate is a good thing overall.

A veteran passes

mikoyan1.jpgIf you’ve ever read the About page for IL-2: Battle of Stalingrad you’ll read a short paragraph about Stepan Anastasovich Mikoyan who was a Soviet test pilot and Battle of Stalingrad veteran.

Stepan assisted the development team on Battle of Stalingrad, presumably by sharing his experiences and providing that visceral feedback that helped make flying that much more of a real experience.

This week diary from Han has reported that news has come to the team that Stepan has passed away at the age of 95.

As with veterans from all countries it is always with great sadness that we hear of their passing. I think also with great hope that their memories shared are a benefit to future generations – to avoid mistakes made in the past and to learn as much as we can from their fascinating and sometimes horrifying experiences.

Rest in peace.

Visit the IL-2 Developer Diary for the full update.


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