Precision aiming with the IL-2 Model 1943

1C Game Studios IL-2: Battle of Kuban update arrived today with an in-depth look at the IL-2 Model 1943 and its VV-1 gunsight and an overview of how the project is shaping up. It also leaves us with a few questions on if the team is working ahead of schedule and just how far ahead they might be.

The VV-1 gunsight

The very simple yet surprisingly useful VV-1 gunsight

In early 1943, IL-2 Sturmovik attack aircraft were being fitted with the VV-1 gunsight in place of the PBP-1 collimator sights. The VV-1 was actually a much simpler sight than the reflector style sight being used earlier, however, it came with some benefits and despite its simplicity actually has some significant capabilities.

The collimator sight is actually quite bulky and while the benefits of such a sight outweighs the downsides in most aircraft, the IL-2 is not most aircraft. Apparently the reason for the switch away from it was to reduce injuries sustained during crash landings. IL-2s tended to operate at altitudes of only 300 or 400 meters the pilots were going to ditch a crippled aircraft in a belly landing rather than try and bail out and take to a parachute.

Back to the gunsight! The dev update this week really focuses in on some of the capabilities of the sight. I won’t repeat that here but lets just say that the numbers on the sight itself and the lines painted on the nose of the IL-2 Model 1943 are all to help you get better accuracy – at least under ideal conditions. Read the whole update and tutorial to really get a sense of what you can do with this sight.

Those marks on the nose of the IL-2 Model 1943 aren’t just for show.

Han also provided a short update on VR and what the art team is busy working on but I thought that and some speculation was worthy of a separate post.


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