1CGS announces IL-2 sale, teases upcoming features

1CGS dropped some big news today announcing that Update 2.009 for the IL-2 series is due next week bringing with it VR plus some other previously unannounced features. Oh… and other IL-2 content is on sale too.

IL-2 developer and forum personality Sneaksie was responsible for the update today teasing that Update 2.009 would be the biggest of the series and that the patch would be coming next week.

Virtual Reality hits IL-2 next week!

VR support is confirmed to be in the patch. Previously Jason Williams has talked about what VR support was like quoting the positive feedback from testers and from their own internal testing.

Overall, we are pleased with what we have accomplished in VR so far, especially flying from the cockpit in fighters and attack aircraft.

Many pilots are talking about the efficacy of flying with VR headsets with opinions divided. One thing is for sure, VR headsets are becoming more affordable with price cuts having been announced for both the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive in the last few weeks.

Expectations should be tempered as this is not just new technology and a new experience for the IL-2 series but also a new way for the games industry to interact with players – it will take some time to find the best ways to do that. Nonetheless, its exciting!

New graphics features

Update 2.009 is also promising to realize some other new graphical features that we hadn’t heard of previously.

Sneaksie announced that the team has made improvements to the graphical and GUI (that’s the user interface) subsystems.

Tree “popping” can be especially noticeable at low altitude.

Apparently tree “popping” that is so distracting to some has been reduced or eliminated. A new “post-sharpening visual filter” has been added that apparently offers graphical improvements but without significant performance impact.

A dynamic resolution option can apparently decrease or increase graphics clarity on the fly to keep frame rates at the level you have set out for it.

I’m pretty excited to see what these new features offer. Is the return of the customizable graphics controls imminent? That would be icing on the cake.


The team is offering a spring sale as well. I always like to advertise the sales because I think that people interested in the series should really take advantage of a good sale if they are on the fence about getting into things.

Let’s break down what is on sale and for how much!

  • IL-2: Battle of Stalingrad is 50% off.
  • IL-2: Battle of Moscow is 40% off.
  • FW190A-3 and La-5 Series 8 Collector Planes are 50% off.
  • P-40E-1 and MC.202 are 33% off.
  • The entire Rise of Flight lineup is 66% off.

If you’re buying from the official 1CGS IL-2 store then the sale lasts from today until 9:00 GMT on April 15. If you are purchasing through Steam then the sale is only on until April 10.


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