IL-2 patch 2.009 arrives with VR, graphics updates

1CGS took the wraps off patch 2.009 today introducing full VR mode and some other graphical updates to the game engine. For VR enthusiasts, this patch is the real deal!

VR Support unveiled

Limited HTC Vive support was unlocked last year as a testing mode but it was an early development at best and not really something that could be used for full time gameplay.  Today’s patch is something different.

Response on the forums has been overwhelmingly positive. Players are blown away by the smoothness, the increased sense of scale and one even suggested that this was the best WWII VR implementation he had seen – superior to that of War Thunder.

I don’t have a VR headset right now so I cannot offer my own viewpoint but the sense I get is that 1CGS hasn’t just implemented VR but that they have done it very well!

One issue has rained on the parade slightly. Vive users had their previously working gameplay broken in an unrelated Steam VR update that also came out today. Word is that a fix is coming or has already been implemented by the Steam VR team.

Graphical updates and improvements

Some small updates to the way trees are rendered should prevent some of the awkward and ugly popping that you sometimes see. This should aid in low level immersion.

What has not changed is the view bubble which some players find distracting. This may be a necessity of achieving the level of performance seen so far, particularly for VR players, but also for everyone else.

A new sharpness filter is available to all and I intend to check that out and do some comparisons for everyone very soon.

There is also a new dynamic resolution system which defaults to 1.0 for off but can be set to a value such as 0.5 which will dynamically reduce the resolution to maintain the selected frame rate.

No new aircraft

A patch doesn’t need to include new aircraft and this patch is devoid of new aircraft content. It’s not a bad thing either and it probably means that both IL-2 Model 1943 and Spitfire Vb are not quite ready. It’s also possible that 1CGS wants to focus on the new VR systems for this patch and we’ll see these aircraft appear in the next. When they are ready… we’ll see them!


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