IL-2 patch hot-fix release imminent

Update 2.009 was released on Tuesday this week unveiling the much anticipated VR experience for the IL-2 series. The response has been overwhelmingly positive from VR players exclaiming just how good the VR is, however, there have been some glitches and in this blog post I wanted to let everyone know whats going on.

New features take time to iron out

It’s hard to iron out all of the bugs in a complex piece of software. Doubly so when you have a small development team and a small group of testers like 1C Game Studios is faced with.

Since update 2.009 came out, there have been two hot fixes.

Sneaksie posted an update when 2.009b arrived with the following fixes:

2.009b hotfix
1. Steam version startup and exit procedures improved;
2. VR error message when starting via Steam removed;
3. LaGG-3 with Sh-37 loads without errors;
4. Bombsight altitude and course gauges work on Expert difficulty now;
5. Far objects (>10km from player or camera) are shown on the map;
6. Navigation icons are shown on Expert difficulty;
7. Player Icon is shown on map on Expert difficulty;
8. Airfields are no longer shown “under heavy attack”;
9. Flare gun GUI indication works in Bf 109;
10. Map scrolling fixed;
11. Pilot’s hand with a flare gun is shown correctly during all seasons;
12. Bf 109 F-4 performance fixed;
13. White artifact in He 111 H-6 belly turret position removed.

A large number of GUI related bugs have cropped up with this update and that has something to do with the team doing a huge amount of work to make the GUI work with the new VR systems. It seems like they largely succeeded in making the interface work with VR but there were some problems too.

It may take a couple of hot-fixes to suss out all of the issues that cropped up with the latest patch to be sure.

Jason let us know what happened with the Bf109F-4 as well:

Apparently we accidentally made it slower. It’s back to where it was pre-update after the Hotfix. Nothing to stress over.

Finally, we now know that there will be another hot-fix to address at least one more issue. The latest according to Han:

At least we were able to reproduce “collapsed HUD” problem.

Tomorrow we will build a new hotfix 2.009c for this issue.

VR will be a challenge for a while still

While the vast majority of comments about VR are positive, its still a new technology and it will take time for the team to sort everything out. I wouldn’t be surprised in some people will struggle with performance related issues as we progress and as more people with less powerful systems try and get into the VR arena.

Maintaining a minimum frame rate for VR is crucial to ensure that players get the appropriate feeling of motion. Making sure that lag times are virtually imperceptible is also important to prevent things like nausea while playing. Important for any VR game to get right but doubly so when playing a flight simulator.

Should any of this concern anyone?

Absolutely not. 1CGS has a very good track record when it comes to smashing bugs and the team has managed to keep a very stable game during an alpha, beta, and release schedule for IL-2: Battle of Stalingrad and then maintained that during the development of Battle of Moscow and they have through Battle of Kuban as well.

New features will cause problems but my confidence is high and I have no doubts that virtually all bugs that we can find will be sorted out as quickly as possible. That’s been the track record.


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