Pelican’s Over Moscow campaign preview

IL-2 forum member Gambit21 has been working away on a Ju52 single player campaign for the IL-2: Battle of Moscow and has now released five missions to gauge interest in a transport campaign featuring the famous Junkers tri-motor.

Best laid plans

Building IL-2 missions with the provided editor is difficult to say the least. Complex missions require hours of investment in getting them to work and that’s before any bugs crop up.

Gambit has been working on missions and says that he’s sunk at least 15 hours into each mission.

However…having learned the mission editor, and having the ability now to more or less make it do what I want…it’s still a huge, and I mean HUGE amount of work to create these missions.

If you fly them, you’ll have some idea as to why. Further, I have encountered multiple AI bugs associated with Ju-52 along the way that I’ve taken time to sus out, test, re-test and send to Habu and Han.

This has just exacerbated the ‘time suck’ aspect, and some quirky behavior still exists.

No-doubt that building a campaign centered around non-combat missions can be a challenge when most of the IL-2 series is focused on destroying objectives or protecting bombers.

An early look

Despite my concerns, my first experiences with the single player experience for the Ju52 was better than I had expected. Flying a non-combat aircraft in a warzone is an intense and engaging experience. It doesn’t carry the dogfight excitement of an intense duel high in the skies but it does come with its own interest and challenge.

Think you’re up for some of that in missions that may one day comprise a 20 mission campaign? If you are, you should check out the download for ‘Pelicans over Moscow’ on the IL-2 forums!


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